The Goddess Hina

If you take a close look at my prints, you'll notice a Goddess often depicted with the moon (and ocean - as this is such a great representation of the power of the tides elicited by the moon!).

Introducing... Hina!

The goddess Hina is an important figure in Hawaiian mythology and is often associated with the moon, fertility, and feminine power. Her story is an interesting and complex one that spans many generations and has been passed down through oral tradition.

According to legend, Hina was the daughter of the god Ku, who was also the god of war. Hina was said to be beautiful and wise, and she was often sought out for her advice and guidance. She was known to be skilled in many things, including fishing, weaving, and medicine.

Hina was also closely associated with the moon, and it was said that she would travel to the moon each night to rest and rejuvenate. In some versions of the myth, she was even said to have created the moon herself.

Hina was married to the god Maui, who was known for his mischievous and trickster nature. Despite this, Hina loved Maui deeply and supported him in his adventures and quests. However, their relationship was not always smooth sailing, and they often argued and fought.

One of the most famous stories about Hina involves a magical fishhook that Maui obtained from his mother. Maui was determined to catch a giant fish using the hook, but he failed several times. In a fit of frustration, he threw the hook into the sea, and it landed near Hina's home. Hina was angered by Maui's careless behavior and scolded him. She then picked up the hook and used it to catch the giant fish herself, proving her own skill and power.

In some versions of the myth, Hina was said to have had several children with Maui, including a daughter named Hina-ulu-ohi'a, who was known for her beauty and grace.

Overall, Hina is a fascinating figure in Hawaiian mythology and remains an important symbol of feminine power and wisdom. Her story continues to be told and celebrated in Hawaiian culture today.

When I first moved to Kauai...

I felt an obvious shift. Instantaneously. Like I could breathe a little bit better.

While Hina isn't associated with a particular island... Mama Kauai just feels so... NURTURING... and deeply, deeply welcoming. After spending years with Madam Pele on Big Island, and her subsequent instability, Hina archetypal magic feels like a welcome (cooling) relief. 

Slowly, the moon has called me into her magic. It began on Big Island - with my explorations of tracking your productivity according to your menstrual cycle. While thrift shopping in Kauai, however, my knowledge of this subject expanded tenfold. I picked up an immensely detailed book regarding moon cycles for every aspect of life - from gardening to housework.

I am deeply enjoying my time on Kauai and can feel the archetypal magic of Hina working through me. My goal on the island of Kauai is to simply begin living according to my feminine cycle... which is governed by the moon! We have had the concept of productivity (and what is means to be a "boss babe") drilled into us in a way that doesn't correspond to the TRUE way feminine beings operate. Females operate on a 28-day cycle, not a standard masculine 24-hour cycle! 

My work on this is reflected in my upcoming productivity journal "THE BLOOD JOURNAL" to be released Summer 2023.

You may notice HIna in a couple of the shop's pieces -- she is sure to continue making an appearance for future releases. 

Aloha to All (and especially to Hina!)

~ Y