Origin Story

Welcome to Soul of Hawaii, where we bring the aloha spirit to you!

I'm Yvette, and I've been island-hopping and weaving my way through the Hawaiian archipelago! Each island has left its energetic mark on me. Throughout the years, I began noticing how DIFFERENT the islands energetically are from one another.  

On Maui, I learned the power of an aligned heart. I arrived to the island completely cut-off from my life-force, and subsequently took some serious "me time" with a few too many days in a hammock with a coconut water in hand. I never gave much thought to my spirit, or to the idea of embodiment, prior to my time on Maui. I spent many days recovering through sleep and integrating back into my withdrawn body. I slowly began to figure this whole "life" thing out again...in a way that was aligned to the heart. I began emerging as a VITAL EMBODIED WOMAN, with a long learning curve ahead of her... as Madam Pele had yet to do start her magic...

On Big Island, my fire grew exponentially. I discovered my inner warrior, with a piercing stab of a No, and a metaphorical sword sheathed in my spine... and learned the process of wielding it. The island trained me, through Madam Pele, how to lead my life from the gut and my aligned YES. I began understanding how powerful my intuition was, after a full year of having nightmares every single night... and having them stop immediately once I went forward with a decision that I had always known I had to make. Madam Pele helped me tremendously with re-discovering my anger, and that is why so many of my pieces are currently dedicated to her. Anger has a bad reputation in our modern society... but aligned and healthy anger is the only way to embodied boundaries. I left Big Island fully alive with a deep understanding of my boundaries, of my worth, and of the type of people I wish to interact with... and pretty sure I could take on a lava flow if I needed to. 

On Kauai, I am learning to trust the Aina and to receive. I am learning the value of community, of actually opening to allow other people INTO the heart space, and of how deeply trust is correlated with our ability to listen to our intuition. 

I am ever-growing, ever-shifting, and ever-eager to continue on life's adventure.

My designs are all focused on the spirit of Hawaii, and the ways these lessons have been instilled within me through the exploration of energy and the archetypal stories of Hawaiian lore. 

Aloha to all!